About Us

Federal Executive Association

In western Massachusetts approximately 35 federal agencies have joined together to form the Federal Executive Associations of Western Massachusetts (FEAWM). This organization underscores the federal government’s commitment to serving the people of western Massachusetts- benefiting their constituents as well as there employees.

The FEAWM includes leaders from Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Homeland Security, Interior, Justice, Labor, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs. In additions the US Postal Service, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, General Services Administration, Small business Administration, and Social Security Administration are members.


1.Reduction of Costs and Improved Efficiency: To draw together agencies with common goals so that their efforts are complimentary.

2. Facilitation of Service Delivery: To draw together agencies with common clients so that government services are convenient for customers.

3. Communication: To inform the local communities of national priorities and policies. To celebrate success stories. To offer an effective two-way communication network for reaching federal employees throughout Western Massachusetts.

4. Partnership with Community Groups: To partner with community groups to solve problems.

5. Coordination of Emergency Services: To stand ready to marshal resources to the entire community, whether to aid a member agency during a crisis or to assist the citizenry in a public emergency.